Top Tips to Setting a Beautiful Table

Top Tips to Setting a Beautiful Table

A beautifully set table elevates every event to a special occasion. A dressed table is an expression of your personal style and creates a memorable experience for your guests. 

The Opulence Events team are Table Scape Specialists who love to curate beautiful, complementary items to create an interesting table that sets a special and unique ambience for every one of our client's events.

Take the time to plan and set your table before your intimate event dinner. Follow our top tips outlined below to set a beautiful table and watch the smiles of your guests as they arrive. They'll appreciate your efforts!

Top Tips to Setting a Beautiful Table

1. Set a theme for your event

A theme will help you to create a consistent look and feel for your event, no matter if it's an intimate dinner or a barbecue. Coordinate your menu and table decorating ideas around a theme that interests you e.g. tropical or coastal. Go through your cupboards to see what's hidden away that could be used on your table setting.

2. Get organised the week before

If you're organised you'll be less stressed and be able to enjoy your event!  The week before the event have your theme finalised and start reviewing what's needed to create a magical event.

Place cards

  • Place cards always make a table feel a little special. You don't have to go to lots of trouble, a name beautifully handwritten on a store bought place card is perfect.

Dinnerware and glassware

  • Select the dinnerware, cutlery and serving utensils you're going to be using.
  • Consider dinnerware with bold designs or vivid colours, if it fits your theme. It will add a bright touch.
  • Decorative charger plates are great to dress up your table if you are using plain white dinnerware.
  • Use your bread-and-butter plates for finger foods.
  • Select glassware that enhances your theme, don't be afraid to combine new pieces with vintage if they look great together.
  • Check all items you'll be using for cracks and chips. Replace items, if necessary.
  • Make sure all items are clean. Wipe smears from glassware, etc.

Tablecloth, placemats & napkins

  • Linens add a level of sophistication to even the smallest gathering. Select materials that are soft and luxurious to touch.
  • Select placemats and napkins that enhance the colours of your glassware and dinnerware.
  • Ensure all table linen is clean and ironed, if necessary.

Flowers and candles

  • Decide on colours for candles and flowers, if using. They should be in keeping with your theme and enhance or coordinate with your glassware, tableware and table linen.
  • If you don't have a budget for flowers, then forage in your garden, you'll be surprised what you'll find. You could fill clean glass jars with herbs, flowers or leafy green foliage.
  • Glass votives with tealights are also an inexpensive way to create warmth and set the mood.
  • Decide on any other decorative touches you may want to add to your table. Fruit can add great visual impact, e.g. lemons and oranges give a lovely, summery vibe.

3. Finishing touches

The day of your event has finally arrived, now for the part we love the most!

When setting the table, remember:

  • Tablecloths should hang evenly.
  • Placemats and charger plates should not sit off the table and all should be placed the same distance from the table's edge.
  • Arrange flowers, candles and any other decoration you're using on the table.
  • Add place cards to be centred above the placemat or on the plate.
  • Napkins can be tied in a decorative knot and draped across the plate or placed to the left of the plate.
  • Set the table with cutlery and plates. Check all settings are evenly spaced apart and in the same position when you look down and across the table.
  • Glassware should be evenly spaced and sit in the same position when looking down the table.

All you have to do now is add food and enjoy!

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